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Romantic,Cinematic & Memorable Wedding Photographers / Videographers

Louisiana - Texas & Beyond

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Lovers of  Jesus. Cinematic Story Tellers. Your New Wedding Bestfriends 

At Sh9ts, we offer a comprehensive wedding photography and videography service, ensuring that every precious moment of your special day is beautifully preserved. We believe in providing a seamless experience, where you can trust us to capture not just images, but the emotions, interactions, and memories that make your wedding truly unforgettable.

With Sh9ts, you're not just hiring a single creator, but a dedicated team committed to immortalizing every aspect of your wedding day. From the heartfelt exchanges with your loved ones to the intimate moments shared between you and your partner, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture the essence of your celebration with cinematic flair and a touch of personalization.

We take great joy in working with couples who share our appreciation for the importance of family and cherish every moment of their engagement / wedding day

We're Sh9ts! Louisiana - Texas
Wedding Photographers / Videographers 




Consultation Meeting

We achieve the natural capture of romantic and intimate images by first connecting with each couple through a Zoom call. This initial meeting allows us to establish a rapport with you and understand your vision, ensuring that we can effectively bring it to life.


Personalized Timeline

Here is where our creative expertise merges with your vision, crafting a timeline / schedule tailored to capture every significant detail while ensuring you can relax and fully enjoy your special day.


Unforgeable memories

Booking with us extends beyond simply capturing stunning photos / videos; it involves collaborating to craft a cherished family heirloom that will be treasured for generations. Each of our collections includes personalized luxury albums, ensuring your memories are preserved in style.

Sh9ts was the easiest choice for me while going through my wedding planning process. Sh9ts has a wide variety of services and experience. I was Jaylon’s advisor his senior year at Tulane and the first thing I noticed about him was how goal oriented he is. He would tell me what he wants to do once he graduate and really put it into action while finishing his degree. He puts in the extra time and effort to be successful in what he cares about. Fast forward to now, he has his own business and is thriving. I inquired with Sh9ts about my wedding and it took them less than a day to get back to me. The customer service is on point!! They let me know exactly what they need for my wedding day to go smoothly. I am so excited to see what they capture. I am confident they are going to capture all the special moments from start to finish.

                                               - Destine Moreaux


Let's Get Started

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